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Want access to the best tutorial for Well, you’ve landed on the right page! is a great platform for beginners to use when starting a new blog and are unfamiliar with how to use a blog platform. Its simple features can help anyone ease right into it as their popularity and ultimately, their business grows.

easy wordpress guide to follow

It can seem overwhelming to start a blog, especially if you’re looking at all the things you have to know just to get it set up. Not here! We are here to make things as easy as possible!

When starting something for the first time, the logical thing to do is to try it out, get your feet wet and then decide how much further you want to go. gives bloggers a great opportunity to give blogging a try without having to spend money to do so. is a platform and free hosting service all in one package.

14 Easy Peasy Steps to Getting Your Blog Started

Now, are you ready to set up your own blog? Here are the easiest steps to get your going:

best and easy online guide to

Move your cursor to the top right section of the home page and click onto the link that says, Get Started.

  • Create Your New Site

You will get to the page that looks like this:

start with a wordpress blog

We recommend choosing the first option, which is the Start with a blog option to create your blog, unless of course you are certain about having a business or brand website or other. For the purpose of ease, we will continue this tutorial with the simplest option of starting with a blog.

  • Choose a Theme

You may choose a theme on the next page or skip this option until later. We suggest you choose a temporary one so you get a feel for how your blog could look (we will show you how to change it later, if you decide to change your theme for a different look).

Choose a wordpress theme

  • Create Your Site Name

create a site name

You’ll be asked to create your site name or enter keywords that best describes your blog. Your site’s address will then be created based on these keywords. For example, if you choose My Lucky Blog, different links with extensions (.com, .org, .site … ) will be created with words as relevant to your site name as possible.

choose your blog address

You may choose any option you wish. Just be sure it’s easy enough to remember.

  • Choose a Plan

choose a monthly hosting plan

Running a blog for absolutely free is great. However, if you can afford the small fee, we suggest you go ahead and start with the Personal plan since it has the free custom domain option AND you get to have some support if you need it.

The Premium plan is just a little more and will give you even more theme options. Having the option to include ads on your site, especially if you wish to make money on your blog, is also a good thing since your plugin choices for can be very limited.

The Business plan gives you even more options with the ability to upload themes and plugins. This is a great choice for those who are a little more advanced and have created their blog or website for their business.

  • Create Your WordPress Account username

This is the part where you create your login and password.

  • Choose a Category

Once you’re logged in, you may or may not be asked to choose a category for your blog that looks like this:

choose a blog category

It’s important to have a focus with a projected target audience. Think about who you would like to reach out to? Are a rockstar in the kitchen and want to share your recipes? Do you chronicle your baby’s every move and growth development? Are you a school teacher who would like to pass on creative teaching styles?

  • Move Onto Your Dashboard

If you’re not asked to choose a category, go ahead and move onto your dashboard by clicking on the top left of the screen and locating the link that says, My Site. dashboard

  • Make Sure You’ve Got a Site Title

Your site title should appear on the top left, below the My Site area. It’s not the link (ex., but should be something like My Lucky Blog or whatever you want the title to be, preferably something catchy.

If there’s no title there, find the Settings link, which is located on the left sidebar of the dashboard towards the bottom of the page.

wordpress title

After you’ve entered a title, don’t forget to create a short tagline. Taglines are short catchy phrases that are great for attracting readers to your blog.

  • Set Your Language and Time Zone Preference

While you’re on the Settings page, you might as well set the default language and time zone for your blog. Obviously, you would set it up according to the language you’re most comfortable using and the your time zone. That way you’re never confused about the time you actually posted something.

  • Is Your Blog Going to Be Private or Public?

Again, this depends entirely on you. There are people who prefer to have private blogs so that only their family could view it. If it’s marked as Private you may provide passwords only to those you give permission to.

  • Preview Your Site

You’re ready to start writing, but aren’t you a little curious about how your blog actually looks? What are people going to see when they find your link and go to it? Is the home page appealing enough for you to start with?

On the top left of the dashboard, you will find a link that says, View Site. Click on this and you should be able to preview your blog. Locate the dropdown menu on the top left where it might say Desktop, Tablet, etc. and you can also see how it’s going to look on these devices.

preview blog on mobile device

  • Change the Way Your Blog Looks

Don’t like how it looks? Find the Themes link (NOT Customize) on the left sidebar of the dashboard and you will be taken to a list of available themes. The theme you choose will have specific features that make your blog look more sophisticated and sometimes more robust. Each theme has elements you will be free to modify based on your own specific style.

After you’ve chosen a theme, go ahead and click on the Customize button next to the Themes link and it will take you to the page that allows you to customize different parts of the theme. All you have to do is click on the arrows and feel free to play with each one.

Remember to click Save once you’re done with your modifications!

Now, you’re ready to start your blogging journey! Don’t worry, if you’re a little lost for now. We will do our best to help you through it! Just start writing and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list below to help you with step-by-step tutorials to keep you moving!

TIP: The platforms are designed to make things as easy as possible for all types of bloggers, from beginning to advanced. As long as you’re not messing around with codes, you really can’t mess anything up too much. So explore, play with buttons, refresh your screen and see what happens. It’s the best way to learn how works!

We’re not lying when we say that blogging takes a lot of time and patience to grow, but it can be very rewarding. So whenever you feel the need to give up, just remember …

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