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A Checklist of Plugins and Features for the Best Website Experience

How can you help your users get the best website experience from visiting WordPress site? It’s not just about making it look nice and organized, but many factors can help make it the beautiful, robust website you imagined it to be … as long as it has the right WordPress plugins. Continue reading

How to Install Using a cPanel

The title got you lost already? Not to worry. cPanel is just a short name for control panel. Most hosting providers have a graphical interphase, called the cPanel, which makes the process of designing and developing a website much easier to work with.

This post is going to show you how to install using cPanel through Hostgator. Most hosting providers have very similar dashboards. Continue reading

how to setup hosted wordpress website

The Step By Step Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Hosted WordPress Blog

There are two versions of WordPress. One is where you download the platform for free from and the other one is where hosts your blog for a monthly plan.

This post contains a recipe and instructions on how to start your very own WordPress blog. However, if you haven’t done so already, we recommend reading the following two topics, which could help you decide on the WordPress platform that will fit your blogging needs and/or website goals: Continue reading

The Differences Between and

You’re not alone if you’re confused after hearing about the two versions of WordPress. Yes, there’s the .com and the .org version. And although the platforms are somewhat similar, they are actually different in very significant ways. Continue reading

ssl security

Why You Need to Secure Your Site with SSL Even If You’re Not Selling Anything

If you’re a new blogger or just launched your website, it’s important to get it started right! The goal of having any online presence is to gain traffic on a website. Nowadays, tech companies are making it a point to exercise safety and security on the web, which is where SSL certificates come into play.Continue reading

How to Design Your Blog

Now that you’ve setup your blog, you probably want to learn how to design your blog. This will help gain a more personalized feel for your audience, while it gives your brand a more appealing look!Continue reading

How to Create Your Own Blog

Want access to the best tutorial for Well, you’ve landed on the right page! is a great platform for beginners to use when starting a new blog and are unfamiliar with how to use a blog platform. Its simple features can help anyone ease right into it as their popularity and ultimately, their business grows. Continue reading